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Resolving Complex Divorces And Family Law Disputes In Tennessee

Family law disputes can take years to resolve. It should not also feel like years pass while you wait for your attorney to call you back.

We will not keep you waiting.

At The Vaughan Law Firm, our Knoxville, Tennessee, legal team does not spend their time administering to a staff. We spend our time practicing law and protecting our clients’ rights. We do not pass your case off to a less experienced lawyer. When you meet with us, you can be assured that we will stand by your side throughout your family law dispute. We are even available to take your calls and meet with you on evenings and weekends.

Put More Than 50 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Our founding attorney Larry Vaughan has over 50 years of experience protecting clients in domestic law situations. We are well-respected for our knowledge of Tennessee family law; attorney Larry Vaughan even co-authored three texts on the subject. We provide sophisticated legal advice to clients going through complex family law situations involving:

Tennessee Family Law Mediation

Parties in Tennessee family law disputes are required to go to mediation at least once before they go to court. Mr. Vaughan is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator who has mediated approximately 200 divorce cases. In all but five cases, the divorcing spouses reached a resolution outside of the courtroom. Whether you would like an attorney to protect your rights during mediation, or you are looking for a divorce mediator to help you through a difficult family law situation, contact us for help.

Handling Military Family Law Cases

As a former JAG officer, Mr. Vaughan understands the added difficulty that service members and their families face when they are going through a divorce or other family law litigation. We handle all family law issues for members of the military, including uncontested and contested military divorces, parental relocation issues, child custody modifications, child support, alimony and more.

Experience Handling Complex Family Law Cases

We have experience representing clients from all walks of life and with unique challenges, including overseas military members, judges, lawyers, wives of lawyers and others. We take contested family law cases involving complex legal issues.

Call us at 865-424-4618 or send us a brief email message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.