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Supporting Grandparents’ Rights In Tennessee

The bonds between grandparents and grandchildren can be especially strong. When visits are cut off by the parent with child custody, the result can be devastating to both the grandparents and the grandchildren.

For 50 years, Larry Vaughan at The Vaughan Law Firm has helped clients in the Knoxville area resolve complex family law issues such as the denial of visitation rights to grandparents following divorce or the breakup of an unmarried relationship.

What Are My Rights As A Grandparent?

Unfortunately, grandparents do not have a lot of rights in Tennessee. However, grandparents may be granted visitation if they can show that not maintaining contact would be detrimental to the well-being of the grandchildren. For example, if the grandparents had been raising the child and were subsequently cut out of the child’s life, they can show they were an important part of the child’s life.

We will review your case and advise you of the best way to proceed. In some cases, it is possible to resolve conflicts through negotiation. Just because the parents are divorced does not mean that grandchildren need to be divorced from grandparents who love them.

Many disputes are the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding. As a Tennessee Supreme Court mediator, lawyer Larry Vaughan will work to resolve the dispute in an amicable fashion. The adversarial nature of a court proceeding may only lead to the parent hardening his or her position.

Discuss Your Case With A Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

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