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Skilled Legal Representation For Child Relocation Issues In Tennessee

Permanent parenting plans are permanent in name only. Life is always subject to change, and when a parent needs or desires to move away from the other parent, a child custody plan change will be in order.

At The Vaughan Law Firm, our founding attorney Larry Vaughan has extensive experience handling modifications to custody agreements. He will work tirelessly on your behalf, all the while keeping the best interests of you and your child in mind.

If you or the parent of your child is attempting to move, we can help make the required changes to your child custody plan. Call us at 865-424-4618 in Knoxville to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation.

Compassionate Legal Help For All Sides

Relocations and post-divorce litigation have the potential to cause real conflict and heartache. One side may have legitimate reasons for moving, while the other side may have legitimate reasons for keeping the child where he or she is. At The Vaughan Law Firm, Mr. Vaughan represents parents who wish to move, as well as those who feel the other parent has ill intentions for moving. Regardless of which side you are on, you can count on compassionate and vigorous representation tailored to fit your interests.

When handling post-divorce modifications, we will work to find a solution that all parties can agree with. We may have to come up with a new parenting plan that allows for longer holiday breaks with the other parent. We may have to seek a reduced amount of child support to help cover any increase in travel costs. Whatever the case may be, our goal is to craft an agreement that causes the least amount of emotional pain while serving the best interests of your child.

Call A Knoxville Parental Relocation Attorney Today

Whether a life change requires you to move or whether you seek to have your child remain in the state, we are here for you. Contact us online or call 865-424-4618 for a free initial consultation.

Evening, weekend and out-of-office appointments are available. We represent individuals throughout Knoxville and the surrounding areas.