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Restoring Justice To Victims Of Legal Malpractice

When you work with an attorney, you’re counting on them to protect your interests and try their best to resolve your legal issue favorably. When they fall short of their duty, it’s devastating. You may be tempted to give up hope, but you shouldn’t. You still have options. If you’re in East Tennessee and an attorney has failed you, attorney Larry Vaughan may be able to help you seek justice for legal malpractice.

What Does Legal Malpractice Look Like?

Legal malpractice happens when lawyers don’t fulfill their duties, and their clients suffer as a result. There are ethical and professional standards that attorneys must adhere to. When they don’t, their clients can sue them for legal malpractice.

Here are some actions that could be considered legal malpractice:

  • Missing a statute of limitations
  • Failing to meet a deadline
  • Failing to subpoena witnesses
  • Failing to take action that has profound financial implications for the client
  • Covering up past mistakes

Many other things could constitute legal malpractice in Tennessee. If you believe your attorney has mishandled your legal matter, we recommend consulting a legal malpractice attorney to explore your options.

Count On Us To Pursue Your Best Interests

You may be wary of trusting another attorney if you’ve been burned by one before. We understand this hesitancy, but we also want to assure you that you’re in good hands with us. We have been helping members of our community get the justice they deserve and restoring their faith in the legal profession for more than 35 years.

Let’s Get You On The Path Toward Justice Today

The best way to start moving forward after experiencing legal malpractice is to seek justice for it. We offer free, no-risk initial consultations where we can learn about your situation and begin exploring your options. You can schedule your consultation by calling 865-424-4618 or sending us a message via our online form.

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